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* Dustin Kyle Brooks *


I am incredibly grateful to introduce myself into your life as Dustin Kyle Brooks. I consider myself a humble student of life who is focused upon truly actualizing and embodying my highest potential and supporting others in doing so every step of the way.

Helping to inspire the rise of the awakened masculine is one of my main missions. I offer workshops and retreats that provide safe and sacred spaces for the brotherhood to come together, remember how to support each other, express from an authentic place of presence and activate our masculine essence that is equally strong and soft. I am also passionate about helping to initiate young men and have been working with the Green School Rites of Passage programs for the past four years.

My big wake up came in 2012 when I was working for the San Francisco Giants professional baseball organization and we won the World Series. With this achievement, I had fulfilled my childhood dream however I still felt hollow inside and realized that no external situation would create fulfillment.


This began my journey on the path of self-inquiry, which led me to India, where I tapped deeper into the esoteric wisdom of hatha yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda during a Yoga Teacher Training and several meditation retreats. Trekking throughout the Himalayas allowed me to truly see and therefore reconnect the immense beauty present upon this planet inspiring me to step into greater stewardship of the sacred earth and waters.

I am happiest when immersed in nature, working with my hands and learning from the elements, specifically the sacred fire. The fire has taught me the importance of preparation, persistence, and presence alongside how to truly listen and work with prayer as a tool of creation when speaking to the “Ear of God” as the Mayans call the fireplace.

In 2015 I met my greatest teachers in the form of Ayahuasca and Ixchel Love. This allowed me to open my heart and dissolve the subconscious fear that was holding me back from fully expressing myself. For the past five years I have dedicated myself to the beauty way of music, the medicine path and conscious partnership as tools for self realization and evolution.  I am blessed to be a “second papa” for Ixchel’s son Kavi and to be creating an eco-village in Costa Rica for our family.

* Mission & Vision *


The MANifestation is here to create space for the awakened masculine to re-emerge,

empowering men to step into their strength and relax into their softness

by breaking down the barriers of conditioning, competition, and comparison among men.

Committed to creating, opening, and holding safe spaces for the brotherhood

to come together to activate our masculine essence,

to remember how to support each other, and to authentically express ourselves.

These gatherings are focused upon communing deeply with the elemental forces,

re-establishing a deeper level of gratitude and reciprocity,

therefore coming back into right relation with the Earth, Fire, Water, and Air.

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