Dustin Kyle Brooks

* Peaceful Warrior of Light - dedicated to the awakening of the divine masculine within all brothers - connected to the purity, power, and prayerful way of communing with the elements - blessed to have the opportunity to be evolving here now, embodied and empowered *


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* Dustin Kyle Brooks *


    With a heart full of gratitude I introduce myself into your life as Dustin Kyle Brooks. I was born and raised in a small countryside village a couple hours south of Chicago. Naturally gifted athletically, nearly all of my energy was devoted to sports for the first 21 years of my life. I found the human body an extremely interesting scientific experiment, continued to test the limits of my physical capacity, and learned how to share the knowledge I had harnessed through experience. I became a student-athlete, playing baseball in University and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BS in Exercise Science.

    After my collegiate years, I followed a dream into the strength and conditioning realm. I was blessed enough to land a job with the Major League Baseball World Series Championship team, the San Francisco Giants. I served their organization for 3 years as a S&C coach and was blessed enough to walk away with a World Series ring with my last name on it. Having reached such a 'pinnacle point' in my life and feeling internally empty and unhappy, I knew it was time to make a major change in my environment and lifestyle.

    My heart and soul were yearning to travel and experience the world - stepping away from everything that I had worked my life to achieve I traveled to the Himalayas in India to deepen my passion for yoga. I completed a YTTC and became much more interested in the deeper aspects of yoga than the physical part that I initially was drawn towards. I then followed my heart towards several different meditation retreats and continued to have profound realizations each and every day.

    Being open to the flow, Great Spirit guided me towards the mystical island of Bali in which I became entranced with the depth, beauty, and humility of the culture and their connection to the elements. I then met my beloved Ixchel and once again my whole reality shifted for the better. Since then, I've been fully devoted to opening my heart, refining my artistic expression, learning from the plant kingdom, and stepping into my dharmic path and purpose. I've received clear guidance that bringing the Brotherhood together and helping to support the rise of the awakened masculine is one of my main missions and goals in this lifetime and I'm extremely grateful for this opportunity to serve humanity in this way!

* Mission & Vision *


The MANifestation is here to create space for the awakened masculine to reemerge,

empowering men to step into their strength and their softness

by breaking down the barriers of conditioning, competition, and comparison among men.

Committed to creating, opening, and holding safe spaces for the brotherhood

to come together to remember how to support each other,

to activate our masculine essence, and express from an authentic place of presence.

These gatherings are focused upon communing deeply with the elemental forces,

re-establishing a deeper level of gratitude and giving back,

therefore coming back into right relation with the Earth, Fire, Water, and Air.