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* Peaceful Warrior of Light - dedicated to the awakening of the divine masculine within all brothers - connected to the purity, power, and prayerful way of communing with the elements - blessed to have the opportunity to be evolving here now, embodied and empowered *


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* Brotherhood of the Magi *

Shamanic Initiation | June 3-12, 2020 | Sacred Valley, Peru


You are invited into the heart of the Sacred Valley to awaken the magic that lies within.

It is a great honor and pleasure to invite you into the Brotherhood of the Magi:  Shamanic Initiation. This is a 10 day all-inclusive journey into the ancient mysteries of the Apus, the sacred mountains of Peru where the Andean people believe the Gods & Goddesses reside.

One of the many intentions behind this retreat is to provide a safe and supportive space to awaken our inner magus, wizard, and shaman. We all contain this intuitive wisdom and healing capacity within and throughout our time together there will be many opportunities to call this energy forth.

This vision has been deeply inspired and guided by Jessie Ayani's book: The Brotherhood of the Magi. If you haven't read it, I highly recommend you picking up a copy!


This schedule has been received and put together with the intention to create a "wholistically holistic" program for continued depth throughout our 10 day retreat. In between all of our medicine journeys our emphasis will be upon embodiment practices to open our bodies to receive more light and sharing circles to ensure every man has ample time to express and receive reflection and support from the group.

Please view the tentative and basic schedule below...for the more specific schedule inquire here...

June 3 - Arrive @ Paucartika Hacienda Lodge | Opening Ceremony w/ Traditional Andean Despacho
June 4 - Huachuma Ceremony #1 | Temazcal w/ Andean Elders
June 5 - Huachuma Ceremony #2 | Ancient Incan Civilization Hike | Fire Ceremony
June 6 - Ayahuasca Ceremony #1 | Traditional Shipibo Healing Ceremony
June 7 - Ayahuasca Ceremony #2 | Traditional Shipibo Healing Ceremony
June 8 - Rest Day | Plant Baths | Massages

June 9 - Huachuma Ceremony #3 | Ollyantaytambo w/ Intiwari | Apu Pumamarca Hike

June 10 - Transition Day to Apu Ausangate | Hot Springs

June 11 - Huachuma Ceremony #4 | Horseback Hike around the 7 Sacred Lakes | Kar-Pay Initiation

June 12 - Closing Ceremony | Departure to Cusco


You will receive the detailed schedule upon submission of application
*I can also provide the more specific schedule upon request prior to application...please inquire here

Our Elders

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Paucartika Hacienda Lodge

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Energetic Exchange

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