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Shamanic Initiation

of the Magi

June 3-12, 2020

10 Days of Awakening the Magic Within

Sacred Valley, Peru

The Invitation

The Brotherhood of the Magi is an invitation to the depth of your soul. It is an access point and rite-of-passage to embody and empower the medicine man that you are.


This is a 10 day all-inclusive journey into the ancient mysteries of the Apus, the sacred mountains of Peru where the Andean people believe the Gods & Goddesses reside.

One of the many intentions behind this retreat is to provide a safe and supportive space to awaken our inner magus, wizard, and shaman. We all contain this intuitive wisdom and healing capacity within and throughout our time together there will be many opportunities to call this energy forth.

MANifestation Gatherings are created with the intention to reunite the brotherhood of light - to call forth men from all walks of life to purify our mind/body/soul and create a safe & supportive space for you to awaken to your true purpose and potential.

This vision has been deeply inspired and guided by Jessie Ayani's book: The Brotherhood of the Magi. If you haven't read it, I highly recommend you picking up a copy!

(magi ~ plural for magus/magician)

of the Magi

A collective intention anchored within the MANifestation is to dissolve competition and comparison amongst men and create a supportive & unified field of brotherhood. One in which there are no hierarchies and we are all fully present to learn from & listen to and receive each man’s wisdom.


When men come together with a common goal of becoming better human beings the whole universe rejoices. Our Earth, women, and children are all yearning for us to rise into our highest potential and activate our unique gifts. During our time together we will do exactly that.

Our Schedule

With intricate attention to detail our schedule has been lovingly crafted to create a graceful and powerful journey of purification, depth, and embodiment. 

June 3

Arrive to Hacienda
w/ Traditional Andean Despacho

June 4
Huachuma Ceremony
Temazcal w/ Andean Elders

June 6
Ayahuasca Ceremony

Traditional Healing Ceremony

w/ Shipibo Family

June 7
Ayahuasca Ceremony

Traditional Healing Ceremony

w/ Shipibo Family

June 5
Huachuma Ceremony
Ancient Incan Civilization Hike
Fire Ceremony

June 8
Spa Day

Plant Baths

June 9
Huachuma Ceremony

Ollyantaytambo w/ Intiwari

Apu Pumamarca Hike

June 10
Base of Apu Ausangate
Hot Springs

June 11
Huachuma Ceremony
7 Sacred Lakes by Horseback

Kar-Pay Initiation

June 12

Sharing Circle
Depart to Cusco

This schedule has been received and put together with the intention to create a "wholistically holistic" program for continued depth throughout our 10 day retreat. In between all of our medicine journeys we will have embodiment practices to support the grounding of the higher frequencies you'll be accessing into the physical plane. We'll have many sharing circles to ensure that you have ample time to express yourself and receive reflection and support from the collective brotherhood.


San Pedro is a cactus that has been honored & revered as a master plant teacher nearly 5,000 years in the Andes of Peru. It literally translates to “removing of the head” which is a nice metaphor for “dissolving the ego”. Huachuma is the medicine of the mountains that helps to support us in purifying our physical, emotional & spiritual bodies while opening our heart to experience more love. 

Huachuma, also known as San Pedro, is considered a very masculine medicine that withholds the wisdom and light of our Sun. He helps to support us upon our path by providing clarity, direction & guidance through his intricate teachings requiring presence and receptivity. This medicine is very much rooted in this Earthly plane and allows us to deeply reconnect to the elements and truly see the beauty of Pachamama.


Ayahuasca is an incredibly potent master plant teacher that is here is awaken us to our true nature of being a multi-dimension being living a human experience.
The Ayahuasca brew is a concentrated elixir of two Amazonian plants, Ayahuasca (B. caapi) & Chacruna (P. viridis) that when mixed together allow for the naturally occurring tryptamine DMT to be orally active providing a profound entheogenic experience for 6-8 hours. This allows us to receive a powerful DNA upgrade while purifying every cell of our body and allowing us to look behind the veil of reality.

We will have 2 ceremonies with a highly integral, loving, and pure-hearted Shipibo family under the Mahua linage…

& Temazcal

Before beginning any shamanic venture it’s important to first and foremost present yourself to the Spirits of the land with offerings. It’s also important to begin with a purification ceremony…

A Despacho is a traditional Andean offering ceremony for the Earth. With the support of our elders we will introduce ourselves to the Spirits of the Apus while presenting our individual and collective intentions for our time together.

A Temazcal ceremony (Sweat Lodge) held by our Peruvian elders will cleanse us inside and out so that we may properly receive the blessings of our initiatory 10 days.

Hike Apu Ausangate

Apu Ausangate is perhaps the most respected and revered mountain Spirits of the entire Andean range. It’s summit lies at 6,348m which is nearly 21,000ft!

In our final ceremony we will have the opportunity to ride horseback, traversing the 7 lakes trail to the base of Ausangate to make our offerings and take part in our Rite of Passage within Otorongo Lake.

There are natural hot springs right outside of our guest house that we’ll soak in for the last two nights of our time together.

Sound Therapy

Sound has been considered to be one of the most ancient forms of healing. When simplified to its finest form everything in creation has a specific vibration & frequency. Sound therapy utilizes extremely finely tuned instruments to bring harmony into our bodies and quietness in our minds which gives us direct access to our soul. 

We will experience healing instruments from around the world to help support our soul’s awakening and create a soundscape to explore the mystical realms that lie within the shifts in vibration.

“Music without words means leaving behind the mind and leaving behind the mind is meditation.  Meditation returns you to the source and the source of all is sound.”

     – Kabir

Our Elders

We are incredibly blessed to have many Andean elders in support of the MANifestation. I have personally worked multiple times with each of the elders that we'll have the opportunity to receive from and can personally attest to their purity, integrity, and devotion to sharing their wisdom and medicine in their own unique way. In fact the "Brotherhood" vision came through only once I had the opportunity to form a loving relationship with each of the following wisdom keepers.

Teo, Marina, & Pio
Mahua-Shipibo Family - Ayahuasca

Teobaldo Ochavano Lopez, born in the Ucayali region of the Peruvian Amazon jungle. His father, Teobaldo Ochavano Mahua Doña Luisa Lopez Maynas, was the first bilingual teacher and shaman in his community, and his mother used plant medicines to cure and heal. His grandparents, on both sides, were also healers. He apprenticed under 4 different Maestros – his father, his uncle, his cousin, and another teacher, and has been working with Ayahuasca for 30 years.⠀

Marina Sinti Reategui, born in the Yarinacocha district of Pucallpa, in the Ucayali region of the Peruvian Amazon jungle. She is the daughter of Elias Sinti Magin Doña Exilda Reategui, and her grandmother and mother were both medicine women. She learned the medicine work of Ayahuasca from her mother, and works with her husband Teobaldo help heal people together, both within their community and in bringing the medicine abroad. She has knowledge of many different medicinal plant remedies, and embodies the feminine aspect of the medicine. Marina has been on the shamanic path for the last 14 years.

Teo & Marina have a strong desire to restore the rainforest and sustain biodiversity, and work with local native communities to replant Ayahuasca vine and Chacruna (the two ingredients used in the Ayahuasca brew), among other permaculture projects. In 2017 he planted over 5000 seedlings of Ayahuasca vine, as well as several dozen Chacruna shrubs, near his village. Teo also received his diploma in Pedagogy, the method and practice of teaching, and was a professor for 19 years, overlapping with shamanic work in his community.

Intiwari - Huachuma
is the embodiment of an Andean magus. He was born high above Lake Titicaca where many Incan mythology stories were originated and he carries the Huachumero tradition forward from his grandfather's lineage. A world traveler, the Spirit of Huachuma has been his teacher since he was 13 years old. Intiwari is holding a very beautiful perspective of the Andean cosmo-vision and is one of the most generous elders that I've met in regards to sharing his experiential wisdom. He's created an incredible temple space in the heart of Ollyantaytambo surrounded by majestic Apus and sacred sites. He's a family man that has been cultivating his own medicine upon the land he's been care-taking for many years now and he's very excited to share his heart with us.

Marcela & David - Temazcal

are a beautiful Andean couple that have been married for over 35 years. They continue to grow deeper in love as they devote their lives to sharing the wisdom they've cultivated through growing up within the Andes Mountains. The main medicine that they work with is the Temazcal, or sweat lodge, and they make an incredible team with David working the fire and Marcela pouring the water. She's an experienced Moon Dancer and has poured hundreds of sweat lodges, bringing a very grounded, heart-centered prayer making her the perfect mother to support us to purify. They have two beautiful children together and have just recently grounded into a new house in Urubamba. We are very blessed to have them sharing their love with us!

Wilma & Wilson - Despacho

are brother and sister by blood that live just north of the Sacred Valley in a mountain village. They are Quechan speaking natives that call forth their family's traditional offering ceremony, a Despacho. They bring a very pure, humble, & deep prayer into their offerings and share a lot about the lineage in which they come from. Wilma & Wilson also share a lot of the Quechan translations into both Spanish & English which will give us a solid base to work off of in learning some of the important Quechan phrases. They carry a beautiful lightness around them and it's a great blessing to have them come and share their prayers with us for our opening ceremony.


Hacienda Lodge

For the first 7 days of our journey we’ll stay at the magical Paucartika Hacienda Lodge near Lamay - between Pisac & Ollyantaytambo, right in the heart of the Sacred Valley. 


It’s located right at the base of the Huchuy Qosqo archeological complex with ancient Incan ruins and an original Incan trail. It’s one of the most secluded spots in the Valley offering exclusive privacy & beautiful sunset views upon Apu Pitusiray. There’s also a majestic waterfall nearby.

Paucartika is a beautiful retreat center located in Lamay, right in the heart of the Sacred Valley. It's right at the base of an ancient archeological site which witholds the ruins of an Incan civilization. 

The accommodation options are dorm style rooms and everything that we'll need will be at our fingertips. There's a temazcal, maloca, fireplace on site and our Peruvian chefs will be staying with us to nourish our bodies with local, organic fare that will be highly supportive of the deep healing work that we'll be doing.


More information...

Meet The Team

Kyle Brooks

Visionary of the MANifestation & co-creator of the Loveolution Dustin calls forth a deep prayer of unification throughout all time and space dedicating all to the Heart of the One. 

Jayananda Roland

Creator of Sound Ceremony, author of 3 published books, and incredible wordsmith Jayananda brings an incredibly grounded, wise & creative energy into the brotherhood. 


An experienced Sun-Dancer, studying the prayerful ways of the Lakota people for 20+ years Dane invites a deeply experiential perspective into the healing realms.


The eldest Magi in the group, Kita embodies the wizard and brings a powerful prayer of  depth & authenticity. A multi-instrumentalist continually refining his channel of creativity.

Ninos del Sol Charity Project

It just so happens that Paucartika used to be Casa de Milagros, which was started by Mama Kia who was the elder mother that originally adopted 25 street children from Cusco and began this beautiful project. Mama Kia has since passed and there's a beautiful couple named Viviana & Avishai that are taking care of the children. We've been supporting them every year we go to the Sacred Valley and a portion of everyone's exchange will go directly to supporting the Ninos. There will also be opportunities for volunteering at their new home in Urubama.


Ninos del Sol is a revolutionary children's home that has brought nearly 100 children off of the street and out of poor living conditions. They focus upon providing a space of unconditional love for them to heal while teaching them about emotional awareness, yoga, and gardening. Their aim is to empower the children to take care of themselves while learning how to work together as a family through communication, kindness, and sharing. They function solely off of donations and the proceeds go to the maintenance of their Urubamba home, schooling the children, and supporting the young men & women who are now studying at college in Cusco.

More information...


of the Magi

10 Days of Awakening the Magic Within

June 3-12, 2020

Sacred Valley, Peru

All inclusive price Includes: 
7 nights accommodation at Paucartika
& 2 nights at Apu Ausangate,
all ceremonial experiences, 2-3 meals per day,
all classes and workshops,
shuttle transport to and from Cusco
and to and from all activities.

The full cost is $2,850

$500 deposit is required to secure your space

Early bird registration

by February 1 ... $450 discount

by March 1 ... $250 discount

Now Accepting Applications

Got any questions

Arrivals and Departures:  All guests are recommended to fly into Cusco, Peru no later than the evening of June 2rd. On June 3rd at 11am guests will be picked up at their various hotels in Cusco or Pisac and transferred to Paucartika.

Check-In @ Paucartika at 12pm on the day of June 3rd. We'll arrive to Cusco around 3PM on June 12th.

Cancellation Policy:  $500 non refundable deposit is required to book your space. Full balance is due by May 3rd. All payments are non refundable, but are transferable to a future retreat if a personal or family emergency arises and you have proper documentation. For payment plan options please email here.

Not included in package price: Your flight. We will assist you with all logistics and planning once you register. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. We are happy to assist.

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