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* eleMENtal MANifestation *

TBA - Q4 2020 | Les Waterfall, Bali


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Come brothers, it's time - let's connect back to our roots. Cleansing with the WATER,

tending to and gathering around the FIRE, dancing and singing with the WIND,

and nourishing our minds, bodies, and souls with our sweet mother, the EARTH.

Join the brotherhood for 5 days and 4 nights upon some

of the sweetest & purest land in ALL of BALI - Les Waterfall!

*Space is limited to 13 men!




The MANifestation is about coming together as men to dissolve the barriers and boundaries of competition and comparison that conditioning has placed upon most of us since we were young boys. We shall create a safe space for our powerful masculine essence to be expressed and embodied through many different practices. Our main focus will be to stay present with, listen to, and share from the deepest place of our heart. We come together to relax deeply into the sweetness of brotherhood and to support each and every man's journey of remembrance of their essence and purpose!

Envisioned Schedule

Day 1 : EARTH
Day 2 : FIRE
Day 3 : WATER
Day 4 : AIR


*More detailed schedule to come about a month before we come together...

Energetic Exchange

$575 - All inclusive + Private Tent

$666 - All inclusive + Shared Jungle Hut (3 Huts/6 Beds Available)

*Taxi's - To & from Ubud - Les
*Accommodation - 4 nights
*All Meals - 2 organic meals + 1 superfood smoothie per day

+ 2 coconuts/day + an incredible buffet @ Gaia Oasis
*Balinese Blessing + Daily Offerings

*All Experiences - Full participation & unconditional support!

This gathering is LIMITED to 13 MEN on a "first come, first serve basis!"

| Aho Mitakuye O'yasin |


Check out the video from the 2018 eleMENtal MANifestation...

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