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TBA Q4 2020



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Coming together as a group of men has been something that our ancestors have done for eons - bringing the families, tribes, and masters together have helped to support our evolution as a species in many ways. It has allowed for the wisdom, prayers, struggles, and dreams that each man carries to be shared and learned from.

This is what I am incredibly inspired to recreate to the best of my ability. I'm committed to opening a safe and supportive space for authenticity, transparency, and experiential wisdom to be shared in order for us all to take one step closer towards becoming the man that we have come here to be.

One of the most important things that I see necessary for us to evolve into our Divine Masculine self is to dissolve the competition, comparison, and judgement that is holding us back from our truest expression. With this awareness, our gatherings are created upon a foundation of radical acceptance of each brother exactly as they are and therefore we hold space for their transformation and remembrance of who they truly are.


I truly believe that gathering in a sacred, equanimous, and intentional way is the most efficient way of transformation and connection that we can experience as men - I invite you to come find out for yourself...



*Creating ceremonial space for up to 15 people

- Personalized to your intention

Private Gatherings

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