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* Global Brotherhood Gathering *

Mission & Vision

An annual gathering to unite the highest quality brothers around the world that are dedicated to holding space for men to come together. Balancing the acts of sharing circles and embodiment practices, we shall dive into the heart of the collective masculine, unfolding what is necessary for the next level of MAN to present itself in the most effective and efficient way. Sharing our experiences with men's work and refining our tactics for reuniting the brotherhood. Creating a worldwide network of solid men to allow collaborations and inspirations to flow more fluidly.

When & Where?

*November 10-13 ~ BALI

- A 4 day "pow-wow" uniting the highest quality brothers around the globe

that are dedicated to the awakening of the divine masculine. Let us come together and share our experiences with the brotherhood and inspire each other to be more potent in our offerings. We shall create space for "skill-sharing", allowing each man to present into the space what he is inspired to do so. Connecting with the elemental forces in a beautiful and potent jungle setting, we shall create space within ourselves through purification rituals, self-expression, prayer circles, and embodiment practices.

- More information coming soon...

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