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*Reuniting the Brotherhood of Light*



2022 MANifestation Gatherings

MANifestation @ Yacumama
November 12, 2022 | Ojochal

- The 2nd MANifestation Gathering at Yacumama in Ojochal, Costa Rica.

 Focused upon deep elemental communion, prayer, and to learn more

Brotherhood of the Magi - Shamanic Initiation

TBA 2023 | Sacred Valley, Peru

- Working intimately with our elder wisdom keepers in the Valley we'll receive multiple initiations
to prepare us for our pilgrimage to Apu to learn more












Embody Your Masculine Potential

*Worldwide gatherings dedicated to empowering men to step into their purpose

~ Form a team of support for your growth & evolution
*Creating a safe space to fully allow your masculine expression to pour forth

~Tap deeper into your raw, vulnerable emotional body

*Breaking down the conditioning that's been placed upon you from generations before

~Dissolve the comparison and competition patterns holding you back

*Come back into right relationship with the elemental forces weaving this reality

~Re-connect with the external and internal fire, water, air, and earth

~ What to Expect ~

~ What you'll Receive ~

* Embodiment Practices

     - Breathwork

     - Active Meditations

     - Primal/Tribal Dance

     - Guided Movement

     - Vocal Activation

* Elemental Communion

     - Fire & Water Ceremonies

* Sharing Circles

     - Intention Setting

* Brotherhood Connection

* A Safe & Sacred Container

* Ritual & Prayer

     - Honoring our Ancestors

     - Blessing our Children

* Practical Tools for...

     - Unlocking your Potential

     - Activating your Passions

     - Creating a Healthy Life

     - Channeling Life Force

     - Integration

* Community Connection

     - Lasting Friendships

     - Support & Reflections

     - Accountability

* Ancestral/Karmic Clearing

* Archetypal Awareness

     - Understanding of MAN

* Empowerment & Inspiration

* Emotional Awareness

Sacred Fire




"Brotherhood is an ideal better understood by example than precept" - Yogananda




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