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Temazcal | June 12 | Bali


*There is a lot bubbling up to the surface for the brotherhood in this time, and I believe it's time to come together sit naked upon the earth and purify our minds, bodies, and spirits with the support of the elemental forces...

*Come join us on May 8th for a sweat lodge with the intentions of forgiveness (for ourselves, our brothers, and our fathers) and praying for forgiveness (to our beloveds, our sister, and our mothers). Our intention is to come back into right relationship with the masculine and feminine inside & out...

*Space limited to 18 men


June 12th - Temazcal

1:30 PM - Arrive @ Chakya

2:30 - Waterfall Purification
4:00 - Prayer Ties
4:30 - Enter Lodge

8:00 - Nourishment

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