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* Testimonials *

"I was blown away by the Manifestation experience at Les in Bali, which came at the perfect time to answer the strong call for Brotherhood. The combination of nature, fire, sleeping under the stars, ceremony, games, music, deep sharing, love, support, encouragement and activation filled my Heart with a new appreciation for Real Men. Dissolving any ancestral competition and comparison, meeting as equals; holding space, honour and presence for one another. An unforgettable experience in stunning surroundings!"



                                                                                                                                - Silver Storic, Ireland


"When presented with an opportunity to attend the MANifestation Retreat my Soul pulsed with instant resonance, I knew that this deep dive would be transformative beyond words. Needless to say, I was utterly blown away by the depth of expansion, heart-opening and potent embodiment into my being that I experienced over the 4 days. The potent ceremonies, communion with the elements, prayers in front of the fire and powerful expression with a group of men committed to their growth, all exceeded the fulfillment of my hearts intention to deepen into my healthy masculine. Dustin is a powerful facilitator, whose kind and compassionate heart, clear mind and wild spirit served to create a truly transcendent experience for the men involved, and memories which I will cherish for life."



                                                                                                               - Nikhil Joseph Kale, Australia


"Dustin is truly a brother to me. I’ve experienced his magic in both his leadership of the Loveolution with his beloved Ixchel, as well as his MANifestation circle for men. He has a sense of radical presence that cuts to the core of sacred masculinity, which allows him to create a safe space for both men and women to express and peel back the layers which hold us back from our highest and truest expression. His respect for this work and this planet is felt in all that he shares and offers forward, and his gifts are so readily available to be received by man in this time looking to dive deeper into the heart and become one with all that is sacred to be remember. It’s a blessing to be in the presence of his work, and it’s an honor to invite brothers forward into this space of the MANifestation - a vision coming forward to unite men as a global brotherhood and lead from our hearts."


                                                                                                      - Adam Rubin, United States

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