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MANifestation @ Yacumama

November 12, 2022 | Ojochal


Collective Intentions

It is time for the brothers, fathers, and sons to reunite & re-create our internal realities and perspectives.

*To dissolve the victim consciousness conditioned by our personal traumas...and re-claim our power.

*To take responsibility for the ways that we have been sabotaging ourselves...and re-claim our sovereignty.

*To observe the ways that we've been shouldering too much and feeling overwhelmed...and call forth support.

*To clearly address the blockages that have been in the way of us living peacefully...and access our highest potential.

*To identify the patterns of attachment, fear, playing small & holding back...and boldly step into the unknown.

*To slow down the mind and allow for our heart to open to the healing process...and be held through it all.

*To release the masculine programs of competition and comparison...and experience true brotherhood.

The broad intention of this gathering is to create a safe and supportive space

for you to simply come into right relationship with yourself.



We shall seek to find the perfect balance between structure and flow throughout our ceremonial experience.

Our collective field and the weather are the conductors behind the orchestration of our brotherly symphony.

However, to have an idea of what we shall experience during our time together please see below...

November 12, 2022

8 - 8:30 AM - Arrival (soft landing)

9 - Opening Ceremony

1 PM - Vocal Activation (w/ Elijah Ray)

5 - Ecstatic Dance (w/ Steffan Ki)

7 - Wopila Feast

8:30 - Sacred Fire & Prayer Circle

10:30 - Final Sharing & Closing

The only thing "firm" on this schedule is the 9:00AM opening - therefore please

plan accordingly and be punctual with your arrival time.


 The all-inclusive base exchange = $200 USD

Space is limited to 21 men - "first come, first serve"

Click below, email here, or message me on WhatsApp to reserve your spot

Once your space has been solidified you will receive another message (a few days before our gathering)

with more information regarding what to bring, directions, etc.

{Option to Stay the Night}


The Glamping Village @ Yacumama has 9 tents with wooden floors like in the photos above.

If you'd like to stay the night in one of these on the night of the 12th we'd ask

for a $50 exchange for the energy required to set up and clean the tents.

If you'd for sure like to stay the night please let me know ahead of time so that we can prepare one for you!

Pura Vida!

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